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Local and Municipal Law

Aliso Viejo law firm assists with a complete array of civic issues in cities and counties

Prometheus Civic Law, P.C. in Aliso Viejo works on behalf of clients throughout Southern California who require effective representation before local government officials and agencies.  Decisions on local permits, legislative matters and public investment can often make or break a business. We work with innovative entrepreneurs, technology companies and other firms whose industries are changing so quickly that public officials sometimes cannot keep up.  We also consult with agencies and public jurisdictions looking to optimize their public policy approach, especially in emerging issues.  For any situation, we foster open communication between disparate parties and strive to deliver results that benefit everyone involved.

Helping clients create and develop new local opportunities

If you operate a business, the government can be your toughest foe, but with skilled representation, you may be able to get them on your side. At Prometheus Civic Law, we help our clients find and obtain opportunities through:

  • Policy advocacy – Our firm has experience drafting statutes, ordinances and initiatives at all levels of government, and can help design custom policy solutions for any situation or circumstance.
  • Regulatory and tax relief — Especially in tight economic times, public policy must help cities, states and the federal government encourage and support jobs. We can help demonstrate to officials how regulatory or tax relief can lead to mutual success through increased revenue and local jobs.
  • Location selection — The most important decision faced by many businesses is finding a suitable place to conduct operations. If you need help obtaining a location or zoning approval, we can review the comparative benefits of a jurisdiction, devise a comprehensive strategy, and petition the relevant officials.
  • Public-private partnerships — Governments have tremendous access to capital, research and facilities. Prometheus Civic Law can help both public and private entities create agreements in which entrepreneurs and government bodies combine their resources effectively to drive innovation.

We understand that with public officials is not the same as working with individuals and other businesses.  We understand the motivations that drive municipal decision-making and will advise you accordingly to give your venture the best chance at succeeding.

Diligent representation for issues before governing bodies

Effective advocacy before government officials and bodies requires a unique combination of skills and experience.  Our firm has experience with large and small public bodies in the United States and internationally. Whether you need a strong argument at a public hearing or a strategic communication in private, Prometheus Civic Law will present your message clearly and persuasively.

Ensuring compliance with open meetings and records rules

Both federal and state laws provide citizens with powerful tools to obtain the public information they need. Unfortunately, procedural hurdles and desire for secrecy sometimes thwart the access people are entitled to. Prometheus Civic Law is well versed in preparing successful information and open meetings requests under statutes such as the Freedom of Information Act and the California Public Records Act. Even if you have been previously denied access, we will search for grounds that will release the data you seek.

Knowledgeable advice on the drafting of ordinances

Municipal bodies are frequently key decision-makers when it comes to enabling the success of small businesses. Minor wording changes in ordinances can have a major effect, with consequences that officials often cannot foresee during drafting. We help prepare, review and revise ordinance language using our knowledge of the law and our practical business experience. If a proposed ordinance or regulation might affect you, immediate action is required to assert your rights before it is too late.

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