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Cannabis law

At the forefront of the legal evolution

Legalized cannabis is a rapidly expanding area, with a growing list of jurisdictions now regulating medical or adult-use cannabis businesses.  Businesses in this exciting, emerging industry face unique issues – especially while the activity remains prohibited at the federal level – and therefore require smart, strategic advisers.  These businesses thus not only face the same challenges that every business must face, but also incur additional hurdles related to the interplay between state and federal law.

We have been at the forefront of cannabis law evolution, especially in the state of California, playing a critical roles in establishing and helping to influence the creation and modification of state and local cannabis systems.   Our principal attorney helped draft and secure the overwhelming passage of the successful ballot initiative Proposition 64, which was approved by 57.1% California voters, the best percentage of any adult-use initiative in history.  In this context, we worked with a diverse coalition of stakeholders and experts in order to design a balanced, effective, and historic reform policy.

When it comes to cannabis-related matters, our firm has an unparalleled capability to assist state and local governments, as well as investors, businesses, and associations throughout the industry.  Having already advised a number of cannabis-related clients across the nation, our firm understands the complex nature and volatility of the laws and regulations in this area.  That expertise, combined with the broad business, regulatory, and governmental services that offers, puts us in a unique and unmatched position to assist clients with cannabis-related issues.

Our principal activities include educating lawmakers on cannabis-related issues, and evaluating cannabis-related proposals.  Our attorneys have also been involved in helping to draft a number of local ordinances regarding cannabis, and has deep and multi-jurisdictional experience in this area of law, including experience in state and local advocacy, licensing and regulatory compliance, and general business issues.

Whether you are a state or local government seeking assistance in crafting a cannabis-related law or ordinance, an entity seeking to pursue a medicinal or recreational cannabis ballot initiative, or an organization seeking to amend or enact cannabis-related laws or regulations, our firm has the experience and expertise to assist you.

Specialized legal services

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  • U.S. Treasury Regulations
  • State credit unions
  • Alternative financial platforms and currencies
  • Venture capital and business financing arrangements

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  • Entity formation – Corporations, LLC, partnerships, membership associations
  • Creation of operational plans
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