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Administrative Law, Policy and Regulatory Advocacy

Knowledgeable representation for agency rules, regulations and hearings

Every aspect of a business’s operations – from how they procure business to how they hire and manage a workforce, as well as a myriad of other issues – is influenced by complex laws and regulations enforced by administrative agencies. Understanding and navigating these rules is essential to surviving, and ultimately thriving, in a hyper-competitive environment.

Administrative law is composed of the rules, regulations and procedures established by federal, state and local agencies to accomplish their statutory missions. While these regulations may be created with the best intentions, they may even threaten your Constitutional right to due process.  Other times, changing circumstances make old rules or mandates obsolete, and there is no easy way to review or update the rules.  At Prometheus Civic Law, P.C., we have experience with numerous United States federal and California state agencies, including:

  • California Board of Equalization
  • California Office of the Attorney General
  • California Department of Food and Agriculture
  • California Department of Consumer Affairs
  • California Department of Alcoholic Beverages Control
  • California Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation
  • California Department of Health and Human Services
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Los Angeles Department of Transportation
  • California Department of Education

With thousands of regulations enforced on a daily basis, it is essential that you understand the rules and strategically adapt to the legal circumstances.  Securing equitable treatment and fairness under these regulatory and statutory regimes requires experienced legal counsel. Especially if you face an administrative hearing, you need the assistance of a skilled attorney who has experience with the specific agency involved.

Guarding against unchecked power

While agency regulations carry the force of law, elected representatives of the people do not vote to enact them.  Rather, appointed officeholders create regulations under basic guidelines in the federal Administrative Procedure Act or a state equivalent, with no direct voter accountability.  Moreover, federal and state agencies have the power to adjudicate, so citizens in dispute with an agency may have their cases heard by a central office of administrative hearings or before the very department with which they are in conflict. In a system where an agency functions as the executive, legislative and judiciary all rolled together, you need a strong advocate on your side.

Helping professional and business licensees thrive and succeed

Whether you are a restaurateur, a surgeon or an architect, your license is your livelihood. Whether physicians, engineers, dentists, insurance brokers, architects or any other professionals, your license may be challenged in hearings before California state boards, such as:

  • California Department of Consumer Affairs
  • California Department of Alcoholic Beverages Control
  • California Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation
  • California Board of Equalization

We know the complex web of rules and regulations and work with our clients to help them avoid risks and perform successfully.  Compliance with licensing requirements is important; a disciplinary hearing is a serious matter for any license holder.  As soon as you have notice of a licensing board investigation aimed at you, contact a capable administrative law attorney immediately.

Contact us for determined administrative law representation

We consider how to best accomplish a client’s objectives in all branches of government and then proactively aid clients in seeking successful outcomes. We not only assist clients in complying with regulations, but also research and analyze proposed bills, rules and legislative issues; draft legislation, resolutions and amendments; identify opportunities within existing legal and regulatory environments; and communicate with legislators and executive branch officials.

If you have been accused of wrongdoing by a regulatory agency or feel your home or business has been unduly burdened by government regulations, contact Prometheus Civic Law, P.C. today. Call us at 949-627-4317 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. The firm is conveniently located in Aliso Viejo and represents clients throughout California.


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